Gator Bait E-400

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The Gator Bait E-400 is designed to attract fish and trigger strikes. When the lure hits the water, it flashes a red LED light that increases visual range while mimicking a wounded bait fish. The long lip and high buoyancy create the struggle of an injured bait fish. The battery life is 72 hours of swim time. Great in lower light conditions. Great for all predatory fish. Dives to 25 feet. 

  • Red LED light simulates bleeding bait fish
  • Triggers predatory instincts
  • Erratic action
  • Dives to 25'
  • 3 3/4” shad body profile.
  • Equipped with durable ultra-sharp hooks
  • Troll or cast.
  • Muskie, Pike, Bass, Big Trout/ Salmon
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