Board Stor Planer Board Caddy


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Board Stor Standard Planer Board Caddy. This standard caddy holds 3 Gator Boards in each caddy. Each caddy comes with two types of mounting hardware. Choose between the adhesive backed velcro installation or use the included self tapping stainless steel fasteners. The velcro allows for a clean, easy installation without drilling any holes in your boat. Works with or without flags! You can store all sorts of different fishing gear in the standard version, not just Gator Boards. In addition to Gator Boards, it will also hold dipsy divers, tools and much more! With it's rigid construction, it does not collapse when trying to store boards, like similar options on the market that are made out of cloth or mesh. One hand, no fuss and your boards are stored! Sold 1 per each.

Installation with velco

If you choose to install using the adhesive backed velcro, follow all instructions to help promote the best adhesive bond. Install when the temperature is between 60-75 degrees Fahrenheit. Do not install in direct sunlight, especially if the temperature is above 75 degrees. Most surfaces on boats absorb heat and get very hot during the summer months and especially with direct sunlight. The mounting surface and the back of the caddies should be clean, dry and free of debris before applying the velco.

Installation with self drilling screws  

When installing with the screws, be sure you have adequate clearance to accommodate the full length of the screw. Avoid using the screws in materials thicker than 1/8''. Check beyond the mounting surface to avoid drilling into anything that is behind the mounting surface.