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Gator Bait E-400

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Gator Bait E-400 Fishing Lure

Designed to attract fish and trigger strikes. When the lure hits the water, it flashes a red LED light that increases visual range while mimicking a wounded bait fish. The long lip and high buoyancy create the struggle of a injured bait. The battery life is 72 hours of swim time. Great in lower light conditions. Great for all predatory fish, especially pike, muskie, bass, and trout/salmon. Dives to 23 feet. Trolling depth chart included.


  • Red LED light simulates bleeding bait fish
  • Triggers predatory instincts
  • Erratic action caused by the deep diving lip versus high buoyant struggle.
  • Dives to 23’. Precision trolling depth chart included.
  • 3 3/4” shad body profile.
  • Equipped with durable ultra-sharp hooks.
  • Technique: Troll or cast.
  • Battery life should exceed 72 hours of usage
  • Great for Muskie, Pike, Bass, Big Trout/ Salmon

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