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Gator Bait 100


**On Backorder. Ships out February 9th**

Gator Bait 100

Suspending jerk-bait, minnow profile with tapered tail. Lots of tail action. Realistic and tested color schemes, UV finish, internal bait fish rattle. The lure’s finish reflects UV light. Minnows and other bait fish have scales that reflect UV light, so we figure why shouldn't our lures? This highly realistic and tantalizing lure will get the most finicky feeders to strike. walleye, panfish, trout. This smaller sized bait good for finicky fish. Also very beneficial in clear water, where a natural presentation is key. Twitch when casting. Ideal trolling speed is 1.3-2.2 MPH.


  • Suspends!
  • Reflects UV light for added attractant and realism
  • Internal bait fish rattle chamber
  • Dives 5-8’
  • 2.5” body
  • Equipped with ultra-sharp hooks
  • Troll, Cast, Twitch

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