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Walleye trolling mega package!

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Save 40% on this bundle!!

1 Trinity Special Mate 5" Crank Bait Box. 15 slotted dividers holds 128 baits.

86 Gator Baits, 43 different colors with doubles of each.

*NEW* Gator Bait 150: Bengal Tiger, Antifreeze Firetiger, Sexy Shiner, Purple Haze, Flamingo, Talladega, Rainbow Perch, Hot Steel, Goldfish, Gold Pink Lemonade, Black n' Gold, Red Headed Wonderbread, Gold Clown, Kingfisher, Pussy Kat, Gold Pink Panties, Sandcrawler, Red Tiger, Perch, Shiner

Gator Bait 100: Bad Boy, Rainbow Trout, Pink Lemonade, Fire Frog, Wonderbread, Gator, Blue Shad, Bengal Tiger, Pink Squirrel, Black Mamba, Rugburn, Bad Girl, Mint, Flamingo, Purpledescent, Ginger Blonde, Naked Lemonade, Naked Lime, Naked, Naked Blues, Antifreeze, Black Shiner, White Perch

6 Gator Boards. Strike flag kit and LED lights included.

1 27-Piece Snap Weight Kit

1 Gator Bait Decal 4"

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