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Black Friday Fall Brawl Special - Special Mate package 40% off!

$309.81 $516.35

Save 40% on this bundle!!

1 Trinity Special Mate 8" Crank Bait Box. 15 slotted dividers holds 128 baits.

64 Gator Baits, 32 different colors with doubles of each.

*NEW* Gator Bait 150: Flamingo, Goldfish, Rainbow Perch, Perch, Pussy KatHolographic Pink Lemonade, Antifreeze Firetiger, Hot Steel, Purple Haze, Talladega, Gold Clown, Red Headed Wonderbread, Red Tiger, Sandcrawler, Pink Panties

Gator Bait 400: Pink Lemonade, Bengal Tiger, Raspberry Cream, Wonderbread

Gator Bait 500: Helmet, Glass Perch, Naked Ghost, Pink Lemonade, Wonderbread, Crazy Ginger, Black Mamba, Sex On The Beach, Rugburn, Black/Copper/Gold, Bare Naked, Rainbow Perch, Bad Girl

1 Gator Bait Decal 4"

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